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What is the present state of affairs of Ambulance services in the Gauteng province?

Only 36 of 78 ambulances are operational at any given time. There is a shortage of more than 150 Ambulances. The International standard stipulates that an ambulance should respond within 12 minutes to an emergency. Presently South African public ambulances respond to emergencies with a time lapse of between 45 minutes to 1 and a half hours!

What is the solution to alleviate the problem?

The community is caught between the strained provincial service with unacceptable response times on the one hand and the high cost of private ambulance services on the other hand. Therefore the community has a right to a high quality service which will include good response times at a reasona-ble and affordable cost. The project was founded on the basis of the community being constructive in contributing to solutions to the challenges we face as an Ummah.

What are some of the challenges faced with the regular services?

· Limited vehicles are operational.

· Staff shortages

· Only able to respond to 22% of priority one situations within 15 minutes

· Call center's understaffed

· Equipment at call centres not maintained thus prone to be out of order