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About Us

  • Rescue 786 Ambulance Service was the culmination of efforts driven by concerned organisations and community members.
  • A growing community requires critical medical services 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Over the years the government emergency Medical rescue services have been put under severe strain and continues to deteriorate. Private emergency medical rescue services is unfortunately often out of reach of the lay person. Rescue 786 provides an accessible and affordable Emergency Medical rescue solution at the same time complimenting existing services. Rescue 786 Ambulance Services operate on a ‘cost recovery”, ‘’not for Profit” basis. We remain the most affordable fully fledged, 24 hour ambulance service in our operational area.
  • In line with our values, allowance is also made for community members who may not be able to afford a service at all through its financial assistance model. Various Charitable donations are utilized to provide this service under the responsible guidance of Ulama (Theologians).
  • Rescue 786 Ambulance Services falls under the umbrella organisations of the Jamiat ul Ulama South Africa and Radio Islam. These organisations have a track record of delivering sterling service to the communities they serve.
  •  A process of community consultation, feasibility, and fact finding was initiated in 2008. A section 21 company was then formed and board members were nominated. Legal requirements and compliance were fulfilled. The project eventually launched on 1 October 2011 by the Grace of the Almighty.
  •  The commitment, dedication and passion of the management team ensures that Rescue 786 Ambulance Services is professionally run, adequately staffed, operationally sound and financially sustainable.
  •  Training and evaluation at all levels is ongoing and Performance is constantly reviewed. Efficient call handling, dispatch times, response times to the scene of emergencies and on-scene performances are all monitored and reported on. 



How will the Ambulance service be structured?

separate committee has been established to oversee the process and activities of the project. The committee is made up of various medical doctors, community leaders, and businessmen. A joint venture initiative between Radio Islam and the Jamiat. The commitment, dedication, and passion of the management team will ensure that the ambulance service is professionally run, adequately staffed, operationally sound and financially sustainable, Insha-Allah. A section 21 company has been formed and all the necessary criteria for legislative and statutory requirements will be met.

The Fordsburg/ Mayfair area is strategically located to ensure easy access to the greater Johannesburg region within which the service will operate (see attached map of geographical area of operation). Suitably qualified ILS (Intermediate Life Support) paramedics and call centre personnel have been identified, who will be responsible for the daily activities of the ambulance service. Rescue 786 Ambulance will operate as a fully fledged 24/7 ambulance service. Regular reviews will form the basis of operational adjustments that may occur.




Established in 1994 and broadcasting since 1997, Radio Islam is well known in the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Muslim community and throughout Southern Africa. Broadcasting on the community radio frequency MW1548, via satellite, and internationally via audio streaming on the internet to a potential 200 000 listeners spanning the globe from Australia in the east to the United States in the west. 






· The availability of Islam to all via the airwaves.



· The physical and spiritual upliftment of humankind.



· “Batho Pele”- the policy of People First.



· To be of benefit to mankind.



In addition to being fully functional, transparent, and accountable in its core role as a radio station, it has achieved distinction amongst its peers in the fraternity and has won 5 different National awards in the recent past. Radio Islam serves as one of the voices of the Muslim community. It has undertaken various programmes as part of its social upliftment responsibility, amongst them:



· Operation Bright Sight – collection of spectacles given to TIBA (Transvaal Indian Blind Association).



· Collection of books and clothing given to deserving school children.



· Islamic Helpline, a professional counselling service staffed by 22 female volunteers.



· Operation winter woollies.



· HIV/Aids awareness campaigns.



· Serves as a platform for publicizing community events, programs and needs.






The Jamiatul Ulama SA was established in 1923 and at present has six fully operational branches and six zonal representatives in six of the nine provinces. Following in the footsteps of the pious predecessors (Ulama) *may the Almighty have mercy on them+ who spent their lives serving Islam and the Muslims of South Africa, the Jamiatul Ulama SA continues to strive to serve the community through recognized leadership, uniting, developing, guiding, and representing Muslims. The activities include education, publications, engaging role players, Darul Ifta, electronic media, social welfare, counselling, dawa, safeguarding, propagating the deen and burial services.